Texas Session Ends with Bills Stranded in Committee

Both HB 813 and SB 442 were stranded in the transportation committees as the Texas legislative session closed on 01-JUN-2015.

Although the bills did not make it out of committee this year we succeeded in getting bills submitted in both the House and the Senate as well as increasing dialog among riders and the general public as what constitutes responsible lane splitting.  More dialog and public education regarding the practice are needed prior to commencement of the 85th legislative session on 10-JAN-2017.

How can I help?

  • Have a discussion with your fellow riders on what responsible lane splitting looks like
  • Take the time to differentiate responsible lane splitting from the myriad of reckless riding videos circulating in both social and commercial media channels
  • Talk to others about the safety (50% fewer fatalities) and congestion benefits (for cars and motorcycles)
  • Volunteer your time to help coordinate a media campaign

If you have media contacts or skills in producing videos please contact us on Facebook.